Parallels Pro Control Panel 10.3.1 for Linux Release Notes


  1. Introduction
  2. Installation Instructions
  3. Upgrade Instructions
  4. Supplied Components
  5. What's New
  6. Supported 3rd party components
  7. Known Problems and Limitations
  8. Contact Information

1. Introduction

Thank you for downloading this release of Parallels Pro Control Panel 10.3.1 for Linux. This file contains information that supplements the Parallels Pro Control Panel 10.3.1 for Linux documentation such as information on new features, corrected bugs, known problems etc. This file was updated with the latest information available at release time.

Warning: This is a beta release version of the product. Its installation or upgrade on the production servers is not recommended.

2. Installation Instructions

Download the Parallels Pro Control Panel 10.3.1 for Linux Installation Guide from and follow the instructions.

3. Upgrade Instructions

Download the Parallels Pro Control Panel 10.3.1 for Linux Upgrade Guide from and follow the instructions.

4. Supplied Components

Parallels Pro Control Panel 10.3.1 for Linux distrubution package ships the following components:

5. What's New

  1. [+] Introduced new XP Reloaded design in place of older Ensim Pro designs. Lots of redesign work is performed. The new design also includes new logo, copyright, and login page.
    Note: Default logo change will affect old skins if users didn't have their own logos.

  2. [+] Redesigned online help in compliance with Parallels standards.

  3. [+] Installer improvements - correct download location and improved version checker procedure.

  4. [+] New locations of Parallels Pro Control Panel License servers.

  5. [*] Changes in German and Spanish localizations.

  6. [-] Fixed the problem with CR character ^M in editor of Ensim File Manager

  7. [-] Fixed Sendmail errors on RedHat EL 5/CentOS 5 - a workaround applied.

  8. [-] Fixed minor errors during the installation.

  9. [-] Fixed Imagemagick failure on RedHat EL 5/CentOS 5 when site security is set to "high".


[+] new feature

[-] bug fixed or removed

[*] bug fixed and improvement made

Supported third-party components

6. Known Problems and Limitations

  1. Upgrade may fail when httpd was not stopped before the upgrade.
  2. Installation of the nsim-postnuke package fails on x86_64 architecture.
  3. Parallels Pro Control Panel cannot be installed on FC 6/ FC 4/ RHEL 5/ RHEL 4/ CentOS 5.0/ CentOS 4.4 systems enabled with SELinux.
  4. Creating sub-folders under the Inbox folder, using the email client Microsoft Outlook, fails with an error. This is a known limitation with the email client Microsoft Outlook.
  5. Parallels Pro Control Panel supports the Python version that is packaged with the operating system you install on the server. You can upgrade Python to updates released by the operating system at any time, however, you must not upgrade Python to a version that is not supported by the operating system you installed on the server.
  6. Parallels Pro Control Panel does not support InnoDB tables with MySQL databases. Importing sites that have InnoDB tables causes the process to fail with errors.
  7. Attempts to add or update the zone records created manually using the Add New Zone option (Zone List page) in Parallels Pro Control Panel fails returning the user to the DNS configuration page.
    Solution: To resolve the issue, log in as the root user to the Parallels Pro Control Panel server, and restart the BIND service by running the following commands:
    rndc reload
    service named restart
  8. Parallels Pro Control Panel fails to upgrade SpamAssassin version 3.0.1 (installed by default with RHEL 4/ CentOS 4.4) to the required version 3.0.3.
  9. The Parallels Pro Control Panel services fail on FC 6 servers, because of dependencies issues of the kernel-xen RPM. Solution: To resolve the issue, ensure that the virtualization option is not selected while installing Fedora Core 6.

7. Contact Information

660 SW 39th Street
Suite 205
Renton, Washington 98057

Phone: +1 (425) 282 6400
Fax: +1 (425) 282 6444


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